Here are some of the recent Turds to be added to our Daily Log Archive. 

If you have some winners, send them in! CoolTurds will award a month supply of Free Toilet Paper to those sending in the most unusual, the largest, and the overall grossest Turds!

So what's the curve at the end?

Check out the color tones! Someone's healthy!

Wow! What's the green haze around this fine Turd???

...and no Turd is a winner without some good SKIDS!

misc bits and pieces...

How do you spell relief?

Again I ask, how do you spell relief?

Did my dog learn how to crap in the toilet?

Turd talent is carefully placing the turd to the side of the bowl.

Looks kind of like a yummy ice cream cone.

I call this one the Colossus!

"Uh, yeah, give me 3 Big Macs, some onion rings, and a chocolate shake!"

Wow, that is one straight turd.

This one scares me. What's the film on the water????

The Ol' 96er.

Something exploded in the toilet!

Um, did all of that really come out of me...in one sitting?????

And how can this even be possible?

I think I actually crapped out my intestines on this one.

Quiet day, not much to report.

Another fairly quiet day.


Uh, not really sure how long this one actually was.

I call this one the Question Mark.

Must of had some extra pucker on this day. Squeezed that one down pretty good.



A nice zig zag pattern. Man I'm one healthy dude!

They weeble and they wobble but they don't fall down.

This winding road is making me sick.


Crap, I dropped my Baby Ruth in the toilet.

Holy Crap (pun intended) that is a lot of poo.

Not quite as healthy of a day. This day sucked ass.

Poop art. I created the number 6.


Anti-Copyright!! No Copyright! Take whatever you want!


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